Wednesday, November 10, 2010

cruise ship day - november 2, 2010

on tuesday the epic landed on our shores bringing with her
scads and scads of tourists.
bob went to the 'made in roatan' shop
and at around 2:30 i decided to go to the shop as i really miss
meeting with people and helping to sell stuff for the islanders

i know i am supposed to stay off my feet
but i figured that the short walk to the road wouldn't hurt
i took a  taxi since i am not allowed to drive
until my heel heals.
i love taxi rides because i get to practice my spanish!
(a captive audience!)

i was warmly greeted and hugged by many of the vendors nearby the 
'made in roatan' shop
 i hadn't seen them
for a  couple of weeks and it did my soul good to listen
to their stories and see their happy faces again!

i was very grateful to robin when he came out and handed me
a pair of brand new white anklets to wear with my shoes
robin,  he may be handicapped, but he still knows what it 
means to love and think of others
what a blessing that was!
a taxi to town cost about 1.75.. not bad for a 15 min. drive
new to the shop! marble hill jams!! super delicious!!!

a little street action:  a minor accident!

this is the cigar man, don't you love his hat?!!

this is the shrimp lady.. can you imagine carrying that on your head?

a truck means a free ride and this guy took it!!

the most casual vendor ever! so you wanna buy some plantains?

we have many many 2nd hand shops on the island

 there is a certain kind of energy when the cruise ship is in.  everyone is excited and hopeful about making some sales, getting some money to help with groceries and bills.  the people here are simple.  they live from day to day.   i love to be a part of all of that.   i am grateful that the locals have opened their hearts to us and welcomed us into their world.  we are the only 'gringos' with a shop outside of the cruise ship port and we fit right in.

don't worry i was a good girl and stayed sitting while chatting and selling. there is another ship on saturday and i think i may go down for a few hours again!

here are a few things we have in right now...

a beautiful necklace made by pedro the man who passed away
yourgin has some beautiful pieces in right now! all hand carved and polished!
luma's paintings are a big hit because the price is so right!

javier is now in university in Tegucigalpa but we are still selling his things and sending him the money

some of my photographs
That is just a smattering of some of the things in the shop.  All hand made, all made in roatan, all to help the islanders live a better life.

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