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Thursday, October 21, 2010 ~~ Miracles at the shop

Many people come into our shop and they think they are simply 'shopping' but our shop is different because it is a ministry.   There is a spiritual element to the shop and I want to share some of that with you.  I wasn't raised going to church, in fact  I called myself an aethist for years but over 6 years of searching in many different religions I finally bent my knee and my heart to the One who knows the stars by name and knows my name too.   Bob and I have spent our life serving Him.  In fact, the reason we are in Roatan is because He called us here.

I love alot of things about Jesus but probably my favorite thing about Him is that He was a man of the street.  By that i mean He wasn't corporate, or super religious in the synagogue, or in a palace somewhere ... He with the people.

He was in markets, on the road, on the hillside, in a boat.  He was with His friends, with strangers, with sinners, with the sick. He was, as we say in canada, 'out and about'.

Well on Tuesday He was at the shop. 

Bob and I always pray before we go to the 'Made in Roatan' shop.   We realize the world is coming to roatan, and many of them see the sign on the shop, and meander in.   many of them need an invite from Bob as he stands in the hot sun all day and says:  everything here in made right here on the island, come on in and have a look.   and some people come in. it's wonderful.

the day started out slow, as usual, it always is.  i use it as a time to dry to take a layer of filthy street dust off all the carvings, my photos, the jewelry stands... everything has a gritty film to it!

but little by little people start to meander in.  and we share about our vision to help people on the island.  so many people are amazed that it isn't our business.  we aren't making money (except for my cards and bob makes some 'man jewelry'... yes that is a plug haha!).

i love telling stories about the people that we are selling for.  i make the artists tangible and real and when the people hear about their life they move from being 'shoppers' to 'helpers'  it is a small but huge difference.

 okay so here are few 'God showed up stories for you...':

one drawback to the shop is that we don't have a bathroom so when it isn't busy i run (yes literally) down a little road to zenola's place to use her bathroom.   i was hurrying past koke, the artist who sells next to us and he started jabbering in spanish, very fast and i could see he was upset.  now i understand fairly well but not fast spanish, so i asked him to speak slower (in spanish) he told me that a group of guys (muchachos!) were standing and talking right in front of where he sells his painting and no one was coming because they couldn't see his work.  he hadn't sold anything all day!!!!   of course as he is talking he is getting more upset and speaking faster.  i told him that i needed to go to the bathroom (mildy desperate at this point) and that i would be back in a minute and i would talk to the guys!

while i was in the bathroom i was moved to pray and ask the Lord to bring someone to buy his painting.  even if the guys moved what koke needed was a sale, right?  yes.  so i left with Him and started to walk down the narrow muddy road towards the shop.  as i was walking towards the guys a lady was walking towards koke paintings.  in my heart i knew she was going to buy!!  and guess what she did!!!   immediately that prayer was answered.   Jesus showed up.  the Gospels all have parallel stories but each |Gospel is a bit different. one thing i noticed once while reading the book of mark is the word 'immediately'.  mark said that alot.  that is because Jesus is able to do things faster and better then anyone i know!!

i told koke that i had prayed for him and he kept gracias debi.  and i kept no no no... gracias Jesus (in spanish it is pronounced hay-zeus.. which i love)   it wasn't about me 'fixing' the problem with the guys it was about 'asking'.  i think we often forget about asking.   Jesus said, 'until now, you have asked for nothing in My name, ask and you will receive so your joy will be made full'  (john 16:24)  now i am not advocating that we will get everything we ask for, like the name and claim whole mentality because it isn't up to us it is up to Him.  and for koke, and for no one else, Jesus showed up.

isn't that wonderful.  i think so.

another story is that a guy came in who works for cruise critic.  i have his card somewhere but i can't remember his name (sorry mr. cruise critic guy...)   we had a great time together!  he had lots of questions about the shop and wants to run a story about it.  which is fantastic.   so in the midst of all that chatting and laughing and fun when and how did He show up?    well the God moment for me in the midst of all of that was when a tiny sweet little yellow bird flew into the shop.  it was so incredible.   so beautiful. so unexpected.  so 'like Him'.  at first he just flew around, landing on things but soon he wanted to get out (of course) so i got a towel and tried to steer him towards the door.   i was praying that he'd find his way out when he went behind the door on a window ledge and i just reached back with the towel and gently laid it on him.  i took him in my hand and i held him.  as i looked at that bird i thought.. oh my goodness.. HE takes care of the birds.   i doubt if either the critic guy or even zenola had any sense of what was happening in my heart but i thought... why do i worry???  He takes care of the birds,  they do store in barns but He feeds them.   it brought such JOY to realize i don't need to worry nor do i need to take care of people here on the island. it is HIS JOB!

was beautiful.  for me.  i think He did that for me.. but then again maybe as you read this you will realize the same precious truth and then it can be for you too.

 a post note:  things we don't like also happen at the shop.  a couple of weeks ago i slipped and fell going down zenola's stairs and a couple of days ago i started to experience pain and numbness in my heel.  i went to the clinic today and it turns out that i have a slight tear in my achilles tendon.  not happy with the news but it is what it is so for the next few weeks i will be resting.

i appreciate all prayers for quick healing of this tendon.  thanks and Lord bless you  xo

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