Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Heart that Gives is Blessed!

We meet hundreds and hundreds of different people every week in the Made in Roatan shop.  I want to share one story with you about a family we met.

It was back in November when a couple came in with their two twin teenage daughters.   We were able to share how our little non profit shop was able to help poor families on the island not only providing practical aid to them, but giving them a sense of purpose and pride in being able to work hard when many people do not work. It feels good to belong to something: and they belong not only in the Made in Roatan shop but in our hearts!  They were so impressed with Pedro and Victor's work and bought one of the boys bracelets.

Just as they were leaving the shop the father told me that he was planning on surprising the girls with another trip to Roatan but this time they were coming back to help the poor.  I told him that if he wanted that we could take them to Punta Gorda to see the village where Pedro and Victor live and they could bless the people out there.   We exchanged emails and they headed back to the cruise ship.

I am happy to say that after many emails back and forth we arranged to meet them at the Carnival Port of Mahogany Bay. They came walking up the ramp with two very large and heavy duffel bags loaded down  with flipflops, clothes, bags, school supplies and candy!!  They had originally told the girls  that they were going to ship the things down to Roatan and so the girls had asked for donations from their school but what they didn't know is that their dad had planned for them to HAND DELIVER them directly!  What a Christmas present that was!!!  We were SO happy to be the ones to take them out and show them the "Real Roatan"

So we started our drive up towards Punta Gorda with the warm sun on our shoulders, a soft breeze blowing and joy in our hearts.  It was a gorgeous day!   The sea at "The View" showed forth all her glory with brilliant turquoise waters against a royal blue sky!    I called my Christian friend, Miss Catherine and asked her to gather up people at the church and so when we arrived everyone was sitting patiently.  We started with the youngest ones first and gave them flipflops.  Most of the clothing was for teenagers and they were so happy to receive jeans, shorts and tshirts.

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I spoke to one lady in Spanish and she thought it was increíble!!  I shared with her that many people come on the cruise ship for a vacation and they enjoy the beaches, tours, ziplining but this family decided to come again to 'give back' to Roatan.   It  WAS incredible!

   I kept thanking the Rowe Family over and over again for their generous hearts and their willingness to think of others instead of simply thinking of themselves.  I believe the whole Christian message could be summed up in the words "Do to OTHERS as you would have them do to you"   Luke 6:31

We also took them on a boat tour through the mangroves at Oakridge and even while we were there they were stopping the boat to give candy to the kids and the joy they had was indescribable!  

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It was such a blessed day!
It was a day about OTHERS!
I remember the day when I first read this scripture:
"Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others"
Phil 2:4
It was the beginning of a radical change in my thinking:   looking out for the interest of others.
  Not just looking out for myself, but OTHERS!   
Others, others, others..
oh  Jesus help us to love as You love and to see as You see, and to help as You help.


  1. I love your website and next time we are in Hondurus we will look you up. We were just there on a cruise beginning of January and we got caught in a downpour, so didn't do much shopping. We took a broken down rickshaw drove by Matthew and I have never had so much fun in my life. We'd love touch base and talk more with you about helping the people there. They truly are beautiful.

  2. We came across your blog and your story has touched our hearts. I was raised in Ontario, but we are raising our family in Tennessee. (My brother went to bible school at Aldersgate in Moose Jaw SK, and remembers singing at Briercrest at least once!) My parents are taking our family on our first-ever cruise, so we will come and meet you on March 7th when our ship docks there at Coxen Hole. I would love to chat with you more via email about the island and your ministry there, and if there are things we can bring to leave behind for the people of Roatan. Is there a better way for us to make contact? We very much look forward to visiting! God bless you -

  3. Hi again! Maybe you could email me with some suggestions of items we can bring along to leave with you for the folks there on the island? Not sure how best to make contact before our trip, but looking forward to meeting you!