Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Birthday Fun!!!

today i went to the 'made in roatan' shop 
for a few hours
what a wonderful time

i decided that since it was yourgin's birthday 
that anyone who bought any of his handcarved jade jewelry
i would take their photo and mention them in my blog

well let me introduce you to lorraine and lois
this is lorraine.  you can't really see it in the photo but she is wearing a red 'canada' hat!  i noticed CANADA  as soon as she walked in the shop and i was thrilled to learn that she is from thunder bay which is about 120 miles from my hometown of atikokan!   we are from the same 'stomping grounds' and who would have thought we'd meet in roatan!!  small world isn't it??  such a wonderful sweet lady.  she bought one of yourgin's handcarved sea horses!

this isn't the one she bought but one like it!

this is lois, she is from the vancouver area.   she was so happy to buy a pair of yourgin's earrings.  i told her now she can be reminded of the beautiful turquoise color of the sea here!  she said they had a wonderful day snorkeling at tabayana beach which truly is the best place to snorkel.  lorraine's husband even saw a turtle which is always a real treat!

yourgin with brandi and 3 adorable boys!
we left the shop early in order to go to rita and arlo's place in sandy bay and surprise yourgin with a birthday party!   unfortunately i am a little slow moving these days (dang tendon!) and he saw me hobbling up the stairs as they were walking down the driveway.   but i think he was still surprised with the party, the food, cake and presents!!  it was truly a wonderful time!!

you can read what i wrote on my other blog so i don't have to repeat myself!  :-)

the most amazing sunset ever! i think it was His gift to Yourgin!

we thank God for Yourgin
not only is he one of our most dedicated artists at the shop
but he is becoming a dear friend to us

happy birthday Yourgin!
thanks for letting us share in YOUR day!  :-

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