Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to Andrew from Katy, Texas

the Made in Roatan shop is not a usual shop.
it is more then shopping!
it is a place where we have alot of fun together,
sharing stories, laughing, giving advise of what to see and do,
helping people find tours, and directing them to other great shops on the island.

sometimes i see a family and immediately i can tell they are special
such is the case with the Armstrong family from Katy, Texas.
their little boy walked in wearing the coolest sunglasses ever
I asked him if he was a super hero!
when he told me he was going to Gumbalimba Park i told
him to be careful around the monkeys because i know they love to 
snatch sunglasses!

Andrew is one of those no nonsense kind of kids that i love to meet!
His mom told me they were looking for something for his room and 
he walked straight up to a painting of a moray eel that Jackie had painted
and said,
"I want this one!"
Then later I asked if he wanted to hold my budgie, named Buddy
and he wasn't afraid one bit!
He held out his finger and he was comfortable holding my little
feathered friend.

Yesterday Andrew celebrated his 6th Birthday so i wanted to send
this out to wish him a wonderful Happy Birthday and a year
full of fun times, joy and many many blessings to his sweet little heart.

Buddy says 
Happy Birthday too!

Happy Birthday Andrew!


  1. hi, that is my grandson Andrew
    is there anyway I can contact eddie the 17 year old that showed us around ?
    Louis Lupinacci

  2. Ps,
    If you go to Rotan, Honduras and you don't stop in this store you missed out big time. Very nice people run this store and they have wonderful items made in Rotan. It's just a short walk from the cruise ship pier to the right. Don't miss this store.

  3. i will ask around. i am not sure if i know eddie or not. what did he look like?