Friday, December 31, 2010

The Port of Roatan

One of our artists in the shop is named Javier.  He does work carvings made of mahogany and pine. Come in and buy one of his turtles for only 8.00!   It will help support Javier while he goes to University in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras.   Did you know that every time something of Javier's sells at the shop that Bob goes to the Bank and deposited the money in for Javier since he is now in school and can't come to pick it up here in Roatan.  That is trust on Javier part and commitment on Bob's part. 

So that is what we do.   The bank is at the Port of Roatan, so while Bob is in the a/c bank I often wander around and take photos.

I decided to see if I could go out on the cruise ship dock (since it wasn't a cruise ship day) to take a photo of the port. 
So here is the view from the cruise ship of the Port of Roatan!

it is a beautiful port with many different shops, a coffee shop that makes the BEST iced coffee,
a couple of restaurants.
you will also see little kiosks .. please support those as well since
they are locals folks trying to make a 'go' here.
one other thing:
if you see a lady there braiding here and you are thinking about
having your hair braided then DO IT!
she is my neighbor, her name is Carol, she has a house full of kids
and grandkids
she pays to be inside the port and if no one gets their hair braids, 
she loses money instead of making it.
so help her out!

flower's bay as seen from the cruise ship
Flower's Bay is  a quaint island community all along the sea
nestled in behind the lush green jungle hills.
it is one of my favorite places to walk as it is the only residencial place
with a SIDEWALK!

In case you are wondering:
the weather is still fine in Roatan during the rainy season

tabayana beach  a great place for a snorkel!
some locals carrying an umbrella not for the rain but for the SUN!

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