Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Saturday, October 2, 2010 ~My birthday Roatan style

marco and i in front of the shop.  spent the day there.  a very slow day but it was still fun
the man of my dreams

a couple of ladies from holland came into the shop
when they found out it was my birthday they gave me this flower
and proceeded to sing happy birthday VERY LOUD
what a hoot!

let it rain! and it did. 
not good for the tourists but it was cool and we all loved it
it's raining, it's pouring the old man is snoring!!

saw this little boy wandering the streets with this white rat on his shoulder
i called him over because i used to have a white rat as a pet when
i was his age.
his rat is called stuart
mine was called rascal
they actually make great pets
and are surprisingly clean
(contrary to popular belief)
and i used to walk around with rascal on my shoulder too

brandi gave me these flowers picked from her yard
after a day at the shop we took some of our island friends to bojangles for chicken dinner!  what a treat for them!  and fun for us!! there was zenola and her family, brandi and her family, samuel, koki and carlos was supposed to come but he thought it was at 6:00 instead of 4:00.  oh well we brought him some chicken back home.  i wish i would have got a nice group photo but i was stuck in the middle of the table and it was hard to get out.  and for some reason my canon rebel is hard for the average person to figure out how to use so i didn't want to subject a stranger to that frustration.

the boys had fun!
this is samuel, he is now 79 years old, a sweet man.  he sells stuff next to our shop.  he told me the last time he was at bojangles was 5 years ago with his daughter and now he was able to come again with me for my birthday.  he said it will be such a good memory for him.
koki, the artist, pouring iced tea
yourgin in the background
after he ate he said he was so full he could barely walk
it is good for them
i wonder when the last time was that he ate til he was full??!
chicken, fries, coleslaw and rice and beans!
a classic island treat!
this looks like a small little piece of cake but i confess
it was my THIRD piece!!   
for the photo op of course!

later at home we had our first small group gathering
good worship,

a lovely day.
i am blessed!

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