Thursday, June 9, 2011

Times are Tough

Why are times tough here right now?  Well at the Coxen Hole port we are only getting one cruise ship a week.   That means vendors and tour guides have only 1 day a week to hopefully make some money to provide for their families. Times are really tough for many people here in Roatan.   Imagine if you could only work one day a week!!   Um.. yeah.   Tough times.

I went out with my camera on Wednesday (ship day) to take some photos.  One thing you will notice is a shortage of tourists buying and shopping at the shops around the port.

every person i spoke to said the same thing: it is so slow!
click on the photo to see large

I spoke to Jose, who makes beautiful silver jewelry, and he said,  "I am not looking to get rich, all I want is to feed my family".  So come off the ship and meander through the shops outside the port.    It is hard for us North Americans to grasp the concept of living day to day, hand to mouth.  If people don't sell anything or get a tour it truly affects them.

So why am I writing this blog??  I am here today to implore you:  PLEASE HELP!  Take a short walk outside the port and you will see the Methodist Market where they are over 20 different vendors inside selling their wares.  And continue walking along the street where you will see people hoping to make even ONE sale.  Or get your hair braided.  Or stop at a restaurant for local food (iguana anyone?!) or a nice cold drink.  Basically consider blessing the locals here and drop some of your money into their hands.

And please stop in the Make in Roatan shop so and let me know that you read this and I will thank you personally for your kindness and help.

  I am asking you to consider that if you spend money anywhere that it can mean a meal for a family.   Seriously.  During the slow season people are doing well if they get one meal a day.  It breaks my heart. We need your help during this slow season.  Tourism is our primary industry on the island so I thank you in advance for coming for your vacation.  I just want to share the need we face every summer when less ships come.   Please be generous!  Plan on it and I know you will be blessed as you think about helping out the families here that are trying to simply make it through this slow season.

Pedro showing off his latest creation!
 About a month ago a lady came into the shop and showed me a black quartz anklet that was all stretched.  She asked if there was anyone who could use the crystals to make some jewelry.  I thought it would be perfect for either Pedro or Victor to use to make their beautiful chain link jewelry.
   Didn't that turn out wonderful??!  
Thanks Connie for your generosity and kindness in giving to help out! 
  May you be blessed for thinking of others and taking action!
So to all you Norwegian Spirit Cruisers!   Thanks for coming to our island, thanks in advance for your support and help to those who are simply trying to make a living.  You make a difference!

God bless you today!

Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, When it is in your power to do it.
Proverbs 3:27


  1. I hope everyone can get by during the slow season. I cant wait to be back in Roatan this coming Spring. What a lovely little island with wonderful people. Hopefully conditions continue to improve with the help of tourism.

  2. Debi, Hi..It was so wonderful to visit you and your lovely shop while we were on our cruise stop in Honduras. Do you remember me? we were the ones from Michigan that you helped us with our new Canon camera! I wanted to tell you I absolutely love the necklace I bought from one of your girls. I ended up wearing it everynight at dinner...Now i wish i would have bought more! Is it possible to order a set of earrings? Also i would like to send a care package to the girls you have working there. Let me know your address and here is my emal: Thanks so much! Kathy Richards