Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Family of the Week - Rose and Joiner Family


I want to introduce you to the Family of the Week.   They came to the Roatan Shop last year and came straight off the ship and headed for our shop.   Meet the Rose and the Joiner family from Huntville, Ontario Canada. 
they gathered quite a crowd...lots of fun and good times to be had by all!

So what would make them the family of the week at the beginning of the week?   Why not wait til Friday to decide??

Well let me sum it up:   friendly, giving, caring and fun loving!   oh and Canadian too!!   :-)

We were so happy to see them again.  I recognized them right away!  As soon as they walked in the door I said, I remember you!!   I guess they left an impression last year too!  :-)

I was so happy when they said they came off the ship and came directly to the shop to see us and to see what new things we had for sale.  I loved their kind hearts and their  willingness to support local  art!

They bought several anklets from Victor (Pedro's brother) and a necklace of Yourgins.   We had a wonderful, crowded visit with them in the shop.  Laughing, telling stories, playing the Yabba Ding Ding guessing game (no they didn't guess it).  It is interesting because Bob's family had a cottage very close to Huntville where he went every summer when he was a boy.   We knew many similar people and places.  It was fun to reminisce together.

If you have been to Roatan you know that it is common to have young kids who serve as 'walking tour guides'.  They walk with you, tell you about the island, help you find things that you are shopping for, and are basically 'tour guides in training'.

My family of the week had about 4 guys walking with them.  They didn't want to take a tour since they had been to Roatan before and I suggested that they go through the Mercado in Coxen Hole which is a local market where all the locals shop.

After about a couple of hours they came back to the shop and said they had a wonderful time!  In fact the time they spent with those boys was the highlight of their cruise so far!   I wonder what made it so special??  Well let me tell you what I think.  I think:   THEY made it special!   They enjoyed the boys, they took them shopping and bought each of them new shoes!!   They bought them cold drinks.   They laughed, they connected.

They were a blessing and that is why they are by far, my family of the week!

Lord bless you all as you continue to be a light wherever you go!!

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