Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

 some views from the 
made in roatan 
 coxen hole
i marvel at how the ladies can carry stuff on their heads
this lady is selling casava bread
it is a type of thin flatbread
made by the garifuna tribe

this is koke
he sells paintings
next to our shop
many days he doesn't sell anything
sometimes i go over and help him sell
he is spanish and therefore his english 
isn't that great
but he is trying
just like i am trying to speak spanish
he is a wonderful man
he has the best prices for his paintings! 
i have seen him sell one painting for 10.00
but please be kind and buy it for at least 15.00
as they are worth that and more!!

this gives you an idea how close the cruise ship is to the shop
it was taken across the street from the shop
it is a short 5 minute walk from the port to the shops
the other day i went walking and invited people 
into the made in roatan shop 
and many people came in.
 we are happy to be making money for the island people.
they are sooo poor that every little bit helps.

when the ships are in everyone is in 
'selling mode'
you see people selling souvenirs,
fresh cigars,
but my favorite guy to see is the fruit guy

isn't this ingenious!!??
that is a really heavy load.
i didn't have much money on me but i bought 3 bananas
one for koke, one for samuel and one for myself.

the day i was taking these pictures was the day for 
people walking by with things on their heads wasn't it??
i had to laugh when i saw the lady walking with a stack of bras
on her head
because i always think...
so where do we try them on???
i guess you don't!!
and then a lady walked by with a cooler on her head.
i couldn't believe it!


times are tough on the island right now
please take a moment and pray for these people
they are poor and they are trying to stay alive
 trying to feed their kids,
to pay their bills
and this is how they do it.

they carry what they can on their heads
or on their bikes
and hope that someone, somewhere
will buy something.. anything....
please be generous and buy something.. anything!

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