Friday, April 25, 2014



Macrame necklace by Yourgin

Paper beads by Ebony

Seaglass charm bracelets by Madeline

Long Chunky Necklace made by Christina

Funky Cross Bracelets made by Diana and Rubeen

Wire wrapped bracelets by Diana
Local Barbarette Island Jade by Yourgin

copper bracelet made by |Pedro

Someone brought down copper ground wire so now Pedro is making chunkier flowers

Chunky copper bracelet on recycled elastic from stockings

Friday, November 22, 2013

New and Improved!!

How could a non profit shop with no extra resources move to a bigger building and furnish the whole thing?   Keep reading and I will tell you the story.....

Before and After

As most of you know we built the tiny little shop on the front yard of our friend's Marcos'  Mom's yard.  It was small because we only had the area from the front of her house to the sidewalk. The back wall was about 5 inches away from her house and she gave up the use of her bed room window.    But we were happy since it was income for that family and also income for the artists who were in the shop.
Well last year we were approached by a tour company through Norwegian Dawn to be part of an Local Craft and Shopping Tour  and we were very excited about this new possibility!

  But we realized that our little brown and yellow shop would be super crowded!  I used to joke and say that when we had more then 7 people in there that everyone needed to take a step to the left!!

  So we met with Zenola and Marco to see how they felt about us possibly moving to a bigger space.   Zenola said she was happy to have her own little souvenir shop.  We didn't want to do anything before talking with them since they have become like family to us.   So we had the green light to move and so we started to look at rentals near the port and we were shocked at the prices!!  WOW!  Most places were well over 1000.00 a month and there was no way we could afford that and still maintain being non profit.  But God is faithful and  He had other plans.  As usual.

At around the same time I got an email from a lady named Rhonda who  we had met last year and she  asked if she could come down and 'help with the shop'.  I didn't really know what that would look like but we welcome all help so we said, 'Come on down'.
Debi and Rhonda

Two days prior to her arrival on the island we saw a shop for rent across the street from our old shop.  It just 'so happened' that I knew the lady who was renting it.  She attended an island ladies bible study with me.  I called her up and found out that the price was reasonable and we went to look at it. It was very nice!!   But we were still undecided because we really didn't have the resources to furnish it (we had a few shelves and a couple of wooden display cabinets).  When Rhonda saw it she said, "Take it!  I am here to help decorate and furnish it!  That is why I came!!" WHAT??! We couldn't believe that she would do that.  How generous!  How incredible!

  She owns a shop in Texas called Rusty Bugs and Roosters so she has alot of experience in setting up shop!    Isn't that awesome!??   The cool part is that we re-purposed things from the island by using wash boards, wooden strainers, cable spools, old broken chairs, bicycle rims, coconut graters! It was great to go to the market to purchase them items because it helped so many local families in the process.

We scrounged around looking for old pieces of wood, we did alot of painting, making displays, sanding old wood pieces and watching in awe as Rhonda designed a new shop for us.
Getting ready to paint the washboards/displays
Rubeen hand cutting price tags
we wanted to use the center beam for hanging things so bob wrapped old painted boards around the beam. 
smart huh?!

I will admit  that when I saw Rhonda taking down the old
Made in Roatan sign I was sentimental!
An old chapter closing and a new one beginning

We still needed to finish pricing merchandise  and also set up the shop but once again we had help..  It was the day before the shop was to open and we were there in the sweltering heat working away when the daughter of one of our artists came in and asked if she could help.

  We had soooo much to do so I gratefully took her help and I was so impressed with her decorating style and it was then that she told me she manages Dufry's in the Port!!!   I just laughed and thought.... that is so like Him to provide someone who had the skills to help us!!  :-)
And then Yourgin and his family showed up and the boys had fun
hammering nails in the washboards to hang necklaces.

The shop has been open for a few weeks now and we are really enjoying it!   Thanks to everyone!  For Rhonda for her ideas, and her generous help in funding the new shop, for Dee for the use of his truck, for Chelsea for helping with set up, for my 'girls: Diana, Rubeen and Christena for painting and making tags, your Yourgin and his family for hammering many nails in the washboards, for Bob for hours and hours of painting, cutting wood, making new signs, and  mostly for the Lord's daily provision for this ministry!

Angela and Cristy enjoying having a big work space at the shop

  And for YOU, for your continued support in our vision to help people help themselves!

The NEW Made in Roatan
Kelsi, Nicole, Lora and Bob who all volunteer there!

Can't wait to meet many of you and to have many repeat visits!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thanks for your donations!!

this man was so touched that he cried!
Apparently I believe it was the Burns family who started a thread on Cruise Critic about bringing down clothes to the needy in Roatan.  We didn't know about this but one day about 8 different families on the Norwegian Dawn began to come into our store and BLESS us with suitcases and huge boxes of clothes.  THANK YOU!

We diligently sorted and sorted and began to hand them out.
We gave clothes to the street kids around the shop, we went into the hospital and gave beautiful
baby clothes to the mother's there, we hand delivered into many small communities like crawfish rock, el higuero, we took enough clothes to outfit 90 kids at the "I was, I am" feeding program.

It has been a blast!
Blessings to you all!

happy faces!!!

this is just SOME of what we had left over.  it literally filled our spare bedroom!!!

a man from crawfish rock with his little son

the boys on the street loved their new shoes!

i know it is hard to imagine but some women go to have their babies but have nothing for them.

Thanks again for putting 'feet' to your love and concern by DOING something.  It made a big difference here and blessed alot of people.

Jesus said, It is more blessed to give then receive.  I trust He will indeed bless YOU!  :-)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Some New Things!!

handcarved boats, water colour paintings

wire wrapped butterfly with  different coloured beads
wire wrapped sea glass

I love seaglass!

Pop Cap Necklaces with lots of images, initials and inspirational sayings

handwoven bracelets
You can get these online or drop by the store in Roatan.  We are just up from the Coxen Hole port (a 5 min) walk towards town.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

We are open!!

What a wonderful past few weeks we have had at the Made in Roatan shop!   It's been fun to have many repeat visitors come.  Great to catch up, grab a lunch at Miss Edana's (Muddah's Kitchen... yes that is by far the best local island food close to the cruise ship port!)

I want to say thanks to those of you who brought down clothes!   WOW!   And those of you who gave us wonderful, beautiful jewelry supplies and a plethora of beads!!!  DOUBLE WOW!   Thanks Jackie, Lynda, Sandy and Bill and the gang!   You blessed our socks off!

I apologize for all the rain lately but it is our rainy season.  I know it can be frustrating to have your excursions cancelled but I appreciate all the people we met the last week who braved the 'elements' and walked into our shop.  We love meeting all of you!

A note about our artists:  Christena is graduating from high school majoring in tourism.  We are excited to see what is 'next' for her.   Christy is graduating from grade six and the last exam she wrote she got 100%.   Pedro is finishing up school this week too.    Diana will be repeating grade 7 again next year due to the fact that she didn't have what was required for gym class and that she fell behind in several other classes.   I told her to tell us so we can  help because we are here for them.   With tears in her eyes she thanked me.
pedro and christena making jewelry at our home

A beautiful young girl came into the shop on Thursday and was interested in what we are doing.  I said, Well it is more then just a way to provide income for the families.  We are doing our best to keep the young artists in school, mentoring them with Christian values and encouraging them to believe that there is a future for them beyond poverty.   She wrapped her arms around me and with tears in her eyes said,  "I am where I am today because of a woman like you in my life.  I am happy to say that I just graduated from Law School.   Don't give up believing in these kids.   They need you in their life"    

We both cried.  Christena was in the shop that day and I know that she was impacted.  That is what it is all about:  loving someone enough to make a difference in their everyday life.  It really does have impact.

So thanks again for all the support you give us.
Continue to think of others.  I know you will be blessed as you do and the world will change around you.

I hope when you come that you have a beautiful turquoise blue sea day, feel the warmth of the winter sun on your shoulders and a true sense of His blessing on your days....

Sunday, July 22, 2012

No ships in Coxen Hole

The Coxen Hole port is closed until October so what is happening with our little "Made in Roatan" shop???   Well we decided to close the shop since we didn't want the owners to have to continue to pay municipal taxes without any sales.  BUT if you are coming to Roatan, or have friends who are coming they can still see and purchase local made items.   We now have the things at our house.  You can email us at or please call to set up an appt for view.   Bob 9849 0386.

Times are hard on the island so we appreciate the support we have recieved from mission teams, and visitors to the island.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Heart that Gives is Blessed!

We meet hundreds and hundreds of different people every week in the Made in Roatan shop.  I want to share one story with you about a family we met.

It was back in November when a couple came in with their two twin teenage daughters.   We were able to share how our little non profit shop was able to help poor families on the island not only providing practical aid to them, but giving them a sense of purpose and pride in being able to work hard when many people do not work. It feels good to belong to something: and they belong not only in the Made in Roatan shop but in our hearts!  They were so impressed with Pedro and Victor's work and bought one of the boys bracelets.

Just as they were leaving the shop the father told me that he was planning on surprising the girls with another trip to Roatan but this time they were coming back to help the poor.  I told him that if he wanted that we could take them to Punta Gorda to see the village where Pedro and Victor live and they could bless the people out there.   We exchanged emails and they headed back to the cruise ship.

I am happy to say that after many emails back and forth we arranged to meet them at the Carnival Port of Mahogany Bay. They came walking up the ramp with two very large and heavy duffel bags loaded down  with flipflops, clothes, bags, school supplies and candy!!  They had originally told the girls  that they were going to ship the things down to Roatan and so the girls had asked for donations from their school but what they didn't know is that their dad had planned for them to HAND DELIVER them directly!  What a Christmas present that was!!!  We were SO happy to be the ones to take them out and show them the "Real Roatan"

So we started our drive up towards Punta Gorda with the warm sun on our shoulders, a soft breeze blowing and joy in our hearts.  It was a gorgeous day!   The sea at "The View" showed forth all her glory with brilliant turquoise waters against a royal blue sky!    I called my Christian friend, Miss Catherine and asked her to gather up people at the church and so when we arrived everyone was sitting patiently.  We started with the youngest ones first and gave them flipflops.  Most of the clothing was for teenagers and they were so happy to receive jeans, shorts and tshirts.

click to view LARGE

I spoke to one lady in Spanish and she thought it was increĆ­ble!!  I shared with her that many people come on the cruise ship for a vacation and they enjoy the beaches, tours, ziplining but this family decided to come again to 'give back' to Roatan.   It  WAS incredible!

   I kept thanking the Rowe Family over and over again for their generous hearts and their willingness to think of others instead of simply thinking of themselves.  I believe the whole Christian message could be summed up in the words "Do to OTHERS as you would have them do to you"   Luke 6:31

We also took them on a boat tour through the mangroves at Oakridge and even while we were there they were stopping the boat to give candy to the kids and the joy they had was indescribable!  

click to view LARGE
It was such a blessed day!
It was a day about OTHERS!
I remember the day when I first read this scripture:
"Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others"
Phil 2:4
It was the beginning of a radical change in my thinking:   looking out for the interest of others.
  Not just looking out for myself, but OTHERS!   
Others, others, others..
oh  Jesus help us to love as You love and to see as You see, and to help as You help.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


We have the beautiful opportunity to meet so many people through the Made In Roatan shop.   About a year ago we met the Estey family, friends of a friend.   We arranged for them to go out on a tour with Marquito and then we met up with them for lunch at the Cannibal Cafe.  You can read about our first initial meeting here.    As we sat around the table they were authentically interested in what we are doing here in Roatan and had many questions.   We exchanged email addresses and promised to stay in touch.

Kevin was very interested in helping us and we are happy to say that he put 'feet to his ideas' and has just launched the new MADE IN ROATAN ONLINE SHOP!

You can check out the website here!!    (

  Isn't that fantastic!   When we began to dialogue together I was impressed and amazed at his commitment to help and to build a website for us FREE OF CHARGE and to be the brains behind all the technical issues around making it work efficiently with PayPal and working out the shipping etc.   I cannot say THANK YOU enough!  Often I just get choked up thinking about his generosity, hard work and commitment to stand with us in helping the island people.   There ARE still good people out there and I thank the Lord for bringing them across our path to help in this way!

Hats off to you, Kevin!  I know that HE is going to bless you abundantly for your servant heart and willingness to GIVE in this way.

Please check out the  Made in Roatan Online Shop!

Christmas is just around the corner... what a way to get something special for someone you love from someone WE LOVE!   I know they will really appreciate your support, and your purchase will go a long way in helping them to buy adequate food and clothing for their families.

Blessings to each of you as you reach out from where ever you are into the hearts of the fine island folks of ROATAN!

Saturday, August 6, 2011


I want to introduce you to Oneyda Gomez. She is our newest artist who is making jewelry in the shop.
She came into the shop about a month ago 'ooohhhing and ahhhing' about the jewelry and said (only in spanish) that she knows how to make jewelry and asked if she could work in the store. 
At first I admit I was tempted to say no we don't need anymore jewelry makers (which is true) 
but when I heard her story my 'mom heart' kicked into gear
and I knew we needed to do something to help her.

She has moved to the island from Tegucigalpa and is staying with friends.
She goes to school in the evenings and is without work (like many many other here)
She moved here on her own.  No family here.
She is not in contact with either her mom or her dad.  I don't know why.
She had been living with her brother and sister
and decided to come to Roatan to go to school and find work.

She is only 15 years old.
I can't even imagine what it must be like.
she is very personable and friendly and seems happy.
even though she is only here for a month it seems that many people on the street know her
and like her.

Last week the TV station came and wanted to do a story about the girls we are helping. 
Although Oneyda was nervous she did a good job.
If you look at the picture you will see a sign that says PRAY
That is what I am asking you to do:
please pray for her.

We are thankful for Him bringing her into our world.
She is faithful in coming to the shop weekly and working hard
and it is paying off for her.   On Wednesday she cleared over 60.00
in one day which is a good day's wage here on the island.

I wish my Spanish was better so I could talk to her more but I am 
trusting that He will continue to take care of her, help her to make good choices
here, and that she will develop into the beautiful young woman He created her to be

on a personal note, we had a group  called Roatan Alive! come to the island from Canada and the States
to bless the island.  
They ministered to over 1,400 young people here.  We were busy helping out with that
  Isn't that awesome?!


if you are wondering what we do in our spare time...
we go to west bay and enjoy the best snorkeling ever!