Monday, November 15, 2010

Something New!

lately we have had alot of requests for christmas ornaments
'made in roatan'
so i asked a young girl who lives up in the colonia if she 
would like to come over to the house and make some ornaments
this frame will be perfect for hanging on your tree with your favorite roatan photo!
i would like you meet kendy

here is kendy surrounded by craft supplies.. having a wonderful time
she is the one who made the ornament above
she lives up in the colonia with her parents
and two brothers
if you were to go to their home you could possibly drive
on a dirt road to the 'uva' (bus stop)
and then if you wanted to go to her house
you would need a 4 x 4 or you'd need to walk
because the "road" is impassable otherwise!
the time i went to their home
it started to rain
causing the red road to turn into a soupy pudding like mess!
as i weaved my way up, up, up  i couldn't help thinking that this is a normal experience for 
these people everyday!
they have to navigate these awful conditions and guess what... you see them walking along
singing and talking to their neighbors as if it is the most natural thing!!

it was so slippery that i almost fell several times
as i approached her house i heard the sound of someone 
calling me
i saw her standing up, way up waving happily
imagine walking almost straight up, along a narrow path and
then gingerly making your way higher still carefully 
and slowly stepping into the rubber tires along the hill 
to keep you from falling
and also to keep the hillside from being washed away

their home is probably about 10 x 15
a small kitchen
with plastic chairs
no fridge, no cupboards, just make shift boards holding
the essentials like rice, beans, pots, pans and a few dishes
the windows and doors were open with no screens 
to keep mosquitoes and rats outside.

such is kendy's life
but inspite of everything she is happy and willing to help me in any way she can!

she isn't looking for handouts
plus she is very creative
so when i asked if she wanted to make something for the store
she was so happy!
i hope you will come by the store to see her christmas ornaments
and help support her and her family.

i know it will bless them immensely!

i decorated some seashells and made them into ornaments!
here is one of the christmas photo frames that kendy made
i thought it would be great to put on the tree
with one of their favorite roatan photos in it!

hope to see you soon!

by the way..
this was the weather today!
beautiful sunny day!!!

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