Wednesday, November 10, 2010

open for business - december 2009

Bob standing outside the 'Made in Roatan' shop
you can see me in the reflection of the left window

The day finally arrived for the Made in Roatan shop to open!   We are grateful to be able to help islanders in this way.   Presently we have 6 different people featured in the shop and are happy that it will mean income for them.   We have wood work, carvings, jewelry, a natural remedy book, island made dresses, paintings, and my photography in there presently.   It feels good to be supporting people in this way.  It is different from most shops since we have made it more like a gallery and we wrote bios of each person.  I think it is good for people to 'see' who are are buying from.

some of Yourgins stone jewelry.  very popular!! 

But I tell you, selling stuff is hard work!!   People on the cruise ship just don't seem to be buying like they used to.  Times are tough.  Fortunately though our shop is more then just selling: it is a vision of being helpful and having an "other then me" focus.

The Honduran wood cutting boards are made by an islander named Enrique...excellent work and our prices are reasonable!

I have been going down there to help out.   Usually I just stand in the doorway and 'chat'.   People are intrigued about a Canadian living on Roatan and they want to know what brought us here.  I invite them in to stand by the fan (yaaaaaa fans!!!) and then I am able to share about our desire to help islanders to help themselves.   Most people are rather blown away.   Once they catch the vision that they will actually be helping a family to 'eat something' tonight they are more inclined not to shop but to help.

another view of the shop

We are on the 'sunny side of the street' which is unfortunate because most tourists walk in the shade.  It isn't easy to get them to come in on our side.   Bob is going to make a sandwich board and a 'made in roatan' sign which I think will help.    In the meantime I just keep 'hailin' them over' (to quote the islanders) Once we get the store 'wired' it will be great to have ceiling fans, but presently we are running a cord from Marco's house to provide the coolness from a fan.   Tourists like things to be comfortable... we will do all we can to make it just that for them!!  :-)

bob happy to have a 'project complete and  a dream realized!'

I thought sales were slow, but apparently Zenola said that other vendors are happy if they make 10 dollars a day.(i can't believe that!?)  We have brought in close to 200.00 in two days.

We are so happy to be able to help the island people!
It makes a difference.

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