Saturday, December 4, 2010

repeat visits!!

piece of the week
this is hand carved/polished honduran jade
each 'bead' is cut, sanded, polished with hand cut holes drilled
an amazing piece!

come by and get it...
they are going fast
what a wonderful week we have had!!  
there have been cruise ships in every day this week (monday - friday)  
it has been fantastic for sales!  

 what a joy to see terry and mike again!   and they were sooo generous!

i am excited because we are starting to get some repeat visitors.   the people who came to the island last year and now eager to find the shop again. it was great to reconnect and they were happy to see more artists and more selection!!   the little boy in the photo is moses who is from punta gorda - part of the garifuna.   his brothers have learned to make the sense link work necklaces that their father made and we are selling them left, right and centre!!  this week when we paid their mother she was soooo happy and said the money would be for christmas clothes for her boys.  it really does help the island people and we appreciate people's support!!  thank you thank you!

link work made by pedro (8 years) and victor (12 years)
just as we were locking the door last night a young girl walked up the steps and said, do you mind if i look around quickly before you go?  (of course not!)  she was looking for a coconut necklace with a tree done in filigree.  i knew we didn't have any of those but bob figured that susana, one of our artists might have one.   so, by faith, she paid for the piece, gave us her address and although we were tired from a very long day (and week) we drove to susana's place in west end.  we were thrilled to see she had what the girl wanted!!!  how awesome is that??!   it isn't in the dark coconut color so bob emailed her this photo to see if she likes it.  if she does we will mail it to her

tree of life!

that is just one example of what sets the 'made in roatan' shop apart from regular shops.  we don't mind going the 'extra mile'.. whether it be helping people find what they are looking for (even if it isn't in our shop), arranging for local tours, or sending art through the mail.  It is all because of Him!    God has given us such a love for people that we often go beyond the call of duty.  why??  His love constrains us!!

drop on by.  we'd love to see you too!   

west end beach at the end of a cruise ship day!

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