Sunday, November 28, 2010

Meet the Family of the Month!

Every cruise ship day we are blessed to meet sooo many wonderful
people who come off the ships.
really.. it is a high light for Bob and I!
So I have decided to post a favorite


This family is from New Jersey, 
they enjoyed a day on the island snorkeling and exploring
They were a delight in the shop.  
We laughed alot together!
  We played a guessing game about some yabba ding ding 
that we had in the shop.  
I am not going to tell you what it is .. just in case you come in and want to guess!
But they thought it was a salt shaker.  (no)
an incense burner (no)

As they were wandering throughout the shop looking at everything
and their daughter stopped at the bracelets and said
"i bet this doesn't have my name on it.
 nothing ever has my name on it"
I asked what her name was, and she told me
isn't that beautiful
i did a bit of research it is means
"God's gift of light" in Hebrew

after a few minutes Bob walked up and handed her a bracelet
with a paper twisted around it with her name on it

She was thrilled and so happy!
 We gave her the bracelet as a 'gift' from us
because they were a gift to us.
 Thanks for coming in!
You made our day even more special just by being who you are!
 You did bring "light" into the shop and we thank you for that
God bless you all! 

tabayana beach  a great place for a snorkel!

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