Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy One Year Anniversary!!!

this was taken

we have been celebrating our anniversary all week!
thanks to everyone who came in and supported the local people here
you made a difference in their lives!

look at that beautiful view!
that was taken from our deck!

i was so grateful as 
it is always good for sun to accompany those who are 
coming to the island for the first time

i was rather disappointed when by 10:00 am
the clouds rolled in and we experienced a heavy down pour.

a note:
i keep a couple of umbrellas in the shop 
so if you are coming to the island and forgot to bring your umbrella
off the ship i will lend you one of mine.
as long as you promise to bring it back!! 

the equinox taken from plaza mar
but fortunately the downpour didn't last for long and the sun came out in all her glory!!
i spoke to alot of people who enjoyed snorkeling, island tours, visits to gumbalimba park, the botanical gardens.  there is sooo many beautiful things to see and do here!  one lady said to me yesterday:  it sure is green here!  i told her that it is a tropical rain forest so yes... you can truly say 'it's a jungle out there!'
everyone who came in was happy with their time here on the island.

the couple of the week

meet Isaac and Emily from Seattle
they came into the shop about 4 pm
they had gone snorkeling at half moon bay and although the 
visibility wasn't fantastic they still had a great time
they immediately said that they didn't have any money on them
but wanted to see the shop
as it turned out,
they were handing out chocolates to the kids on the street!

isn't that wonderful!?

i actually ran after them to take their photo
i know, now that is a scary image!  haha
i couldn't catch up to them so i hollered at one of some island friends
'hey man, stop that guy for me'
so he hollered,
'hey you, stop'
the american looked confused and didn't know what was going on 
til i ran up and said,
hey guys it's me.. i love what you are doing, can i take your photo and blog about you?!

what a beautiful unselfish couple!
thanks isaac and emily for doing small things that matter
we don't need to do grandiose huge acts of kindness... 
just go the extra mile and give someone a smile ...
or.. even better.. some chocolate!
bless your hearts!!  

as i walking back my friend said to me,
'oh i thought that guy had stolen something!'
when i told him they were giving out chocolate
he smiled and said
'they got big hearts like you, don't they?'

yes indeed!

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