Thursday, December 30, 2010

thanks for your help!!

for one week before christmas we asked for donations in the Made in Roatan for an island wide food drive that we held on the island here. this was the first of 4 food drives we were involved in the week before christmas.  we loaded up 7 trucks with food, toys, and candy.  even santa showed up!!
  thanks for your support!!

you can see these women and children are so happy with their food and toys!

we bought some new shoes and took them into the 'swamp'
  bob is going through the names and sizes on the list one of the ladies gave us
we also bought some clothing. 
it was a happy day there!
with the money from the shop we were also able to buy enough food for 15 extra familes.
  here is bob helping the lady at los fumerola's 
 bag up the beans!
these are the children from punta gorda where we gave food to the mothers and toys and candy to the kids!
this lady was sooooooo grateful for her juice and food!  i know she isn't smiling but hondurans rarely smile for the camera but believe me .. she was overwhelmed and kept saying gracias a Dios!!!

the living conditions here on the island are not what we are used to
they are poor, and live on the side of the hills in make shift homes
but i can attest to this:
they are happy
they have a faith in God that astounds me as they daily trust in His provision

thanks for being a part of helping them out
Lord bless YOU!   


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