Thursday, November 18, 2010

an EPIC day!

our canadian friends came here Tuesday, November 18th
on board the Epic
we recommended a tour with our local island friend
and they had a wonderful time seeing the View, the iguana farm, and
a visit to our house
they enjoyed fresh picked apple bananas,
our glorious view, and enjoyed the friendly banter of our budgie named buddy

apple bananas are smaller then the regular ones, and yes they taste like apples!
we took a short, tree lined drive to West End to the Cannibel Cafe where we met bob for lunch
(he had been at the made in roatan shop all morning)
the food was good but some of the dishes were very s.p.i.c.y
(which isn't typical of that restaurant.. maybe a new cook)
i was thrilled with kevin noticed a mama hummingbird sitting on a nest 
that she made on a line of christmas lights!

how sweet is that??

it was a glorious day for seeing the island!
the blues of the sky were clear, the sea a host of turquoise,
and the jungle greens and tropical flowers graced the road.

west end beach

the epic, straight on!

flower's bay, a beautiful quiet area of the island

the whole gang 

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