Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Fan of Mine

One of the things we love about the shop is that we never 
know what will happen in a day or who we will meet
This family came in and 
listened graciously 
to my endless stories about the artists, and their needs.
They bought several things which will help the people here on the island.

I appreciate the people that stay and ask questions and listen
and grow to understand the mission we have in trying to help the islanders

This family was one such family!

Tony, Kimbery, Brooks, Courtney and Jonathan from Texas
You may be wondering why they are holding a fan.
  Isn't the ship air conditioned??  Why would they want to buy a fan?  
Good questions.

I had Buddy, my budgie at the shop and I saw Tony standing looking at my bird.  (or so i thought)
I asked if he liked birds and he said.. um.. well I was really looking at your fan.
My fan??!

Tony enjoys the sound and the coolness that a fan brings.
I told him he could buy one at the hardware shop down the road and he
kept saying,
"well what about that one?"
I replied, "well.. it's mine for the shop"
He didn't want to walk back and try to find another small fan
so yes I sold him my fan.

Strangest thing I ever sold in the shop!  
You just never know!

On a more personal note:
My previous blog was quite serious about the needs on the island
and I am so happy to tell you two great things that have happened since I wrote that.

The first thing is that a lady named Renee who knows Miss Peggy at Clinica Esperanza
was willing to take back over 1500.00 worth of stuff from the shop to sell in the States.
We are thrilled with this and I know it will help alot of people when she has the sale.
Someone said to me, Well can you trust her?  Do you think she will just take all the stuff?

You know what?  
There are still people who can be trusted in this world!
People who love to help and are willing to go the extra mile to make a difference
in someone's life.
So Renee.. thank you thank you.. a thousand thank you's
for your willingness to host an evening to share the vision about helping
the poor on Roatan.

I know He will bless YOU!

And another thing happened that is also very encouraging.
We got an email from a school teacher who was in the shop
the previous week who wants her class to sponsor a student for a year
and is willing to send down some jewelry supplies!

Isn't that awesome!!
God is good

I am posting some NEW THINGS in the shop
If you are coming to Roatan come in and check them out.
They won't last long!

Honduran jade with gold inlay made by Yourgin

Honduran Jade in many different colors and designs
a 5 strand necklace made by Kendi.. a work of art!

Here is a variety of the jewelry made by Christy and Angela.
As you can see several of them sold, and we are so thankful for that.
I am so thankful that we are able to provide the supplies for the girls to make this jewelry!
It is making such a difference in their current situation!
In fact on Wednesday, their Mom had to go to the Hospital with 
their little brother, and the medicine that he needed was exactly what had
sold in the shop so far
(we sold the same amount in the afternoon!) 
so we were able to take that to her and he was able to get
the care he needed.

Again, isn't God good?!  
He cares about the people here so much and we thank you for partnering with us.

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  1. Yourgin's talent continues to grow! And those girls! My goodness...what a gift they have. Give me a list of jewelry making items and I'll bring them down when we return. And funny stuff about that fan!! Bet you walked right down the street and got another one.