Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thanks for your donations!!

this man was so touched that he cried!
Apparently I believe it was the Burns family who started a thread on Cruise Critic about bringing down clothes to the needy in Roatan.  We didn't know about this but one day about 8 different families on the Norwegian Dawn began to come into our store and BLESS us with suitcases and huge boxes of clothes.  THANK YOU!

We diligently sorted and sorted and began to hand them out.
We gave clothes to the street kids around the shop, we went into the hospital and gave beautiful
baby clothes to the mother's there, we hand delivered into many small communities like crawfish rock, el higuero, we took enough clothes to outfit 90 kids at the "I was, I am" feeding program.

It has been a blast!
Blessings to you all!

happy faces!!!

this is just SOME of what we had left over.  it literally filled our spare bedroom!!!

a man from crawfish rock with his little son

the boys on the street loved their new shoes!

i know it is hard to imagine but some women go to have their babies but have nothing for them.

Thanks again for putting 'feet' to your love and concern by DOING something.  It made a big difference here and blessed alot of people.

Jesus said, It is more blessed to give then receive.  I trust He will indeed bless YOU!  :-)


  1. karen and i just got back to arkansas from roatan. we met two young girls that led us to your shop. we have a desire to explore helping them and others. i am not very computer savy but am looking for your e-mail addrss, in Christ. pastor allen

  2. I placed any order on the site and have not been able to contact anyone concerning it. There isn't a phone number and the site email address always bounces back. Please advise