Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Check out the video!

 TJ Lynch's Video of the shop

 Yesterday it was a beautiful seamless blue sky, the weather was warm (well probably hot for most visitors but warm to us), the sea was boasting her beautiful shades of aqua, deep blues and green and was beckoning many to cool off in her waters.

Where were we?  Well we were where we are every time there is a cruise ship in Coxen Hole:  the Made in Roatan Shop.  Bob was outside greeting and talking to tourists and I was inside telling people about our vision.   We were very excited because a lady from the states had sent us a parcel full of beads, wire, and accessories for Pedro and he was happily rummaging through the contents.   I forgot to take note of the name of the lady on the return address but I will get it from Pedro so I can adequately thank the person who was kind enough to put 'feet to her words' and give so generously to Pedro.   It was quite funny because the one thing that caught his eye was a very fancy glittery ladies watch. I thought he was taking it out to give to his Mom but I soon realized how wrong I was:  HE was wearing it!  I just laughed, shook my head and thought all that bling bling was definitely calling his name!!!

We had a visit from TJ Lynch from Buy Roatan and he did a feature on the store so you can view the
video. What is the most stressful thing for a person like myself?   When someone says, "Oh just tell us all about the store in 20 seconds!!"   WHAT!??  I don't say anything in 20 seconds so if it appears I am speaking fast:  I am!!!   Check it out!   :-)

But either way, I hope that when you come to the island, you will come and visit us and help support a local family and as well walk along the peaceful seasides.. leaving your footprints in the sand....and your quiet heart in the trade wind breezes....

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