Friday, February 4, 2011

Thanks for your help!

I am so grateful for those of you who helped out with donations for getting the kids 
'back to school'.   Our little donation bowl comes in so handy to meeting many of the needs on the island and I appreciate the generosity from many of you~
We were able to buy more shoes and supplies for the kids and I really appreciate your help in that!

These are some of the kids who received shoes at the Public  Library in French Harbour.  We connected up with Miss Joan who gave us shoe sizes of the kids who needed shoes in order to go to school.
Here is a link to my other blog if you want to see more photos and read about it

We had a wonderful surprise visit at the shop last week. We are starting to get many repeat visits from people who have returned to the Island again.  Ed and Judy Lamb from Florida  cruised into Roatan on Jan 25th loaded down with pencils for the children of the island.   How kind!   We had a wonderful visit together catching up on news and appreciated seeing them again.

The Made in Roatan shop is more then a 'shopping experience'.  It is also a place to connect, to laugh, to listen to stories (yes I have ALOT of stories! *s*)  If you need help finding things, or you want a tour but are nervous we can help you find a tour.   Please see the island.. it is worth seeing.. so beautiful!

  I am sorry I don't have a photo of Judy and Ed,  but I didn't have my camera that day.   But it was a joy to see them again. Thank you, thank you, thank you!   I have been able to give many pencils to the kids on the street here and they were so happy. Believe me, it didn't take long before the 'word was out' that they could have free pencils.  I gave them the most colorful and beautiful ones! I also sent some to a teacher in Punta Gorda, a teacher up in the Colonia here in Sandy Bay  and on Monday when the classes start I am going to walk to the tiny school on the beach and bring some pencils to the teachers there.

the little school on the beach behind our house

Rusty Fish!!!
What's new at the shop?   
Well I know many of you enjoy the recycled rusty fish and Adam brought in some new frames, larger butterflies and some crosses.   If you go up to the top of this page and go to 'artists'
you can read more about the Rusty Fish and even watch a video which will give you a better idea of the whole process as well as how it helps many local people here on the island.

We are so happy to have our son David here for a few months!   He enjoys coming to the shop and helping us and as well we are excited that he will be here to help put together a Roatan Photo Book.  It is a big job and I am happy to have his editing advise.   I took a photo of him with Pedro, one of the artists in the shop.  They are enjoying listening to some music and having a good time together!

Also want to say thanks for reading my blog.  On Tuesday a very smiley happy Canadian woman
walked in the store, shook my hand and said "I am so happy to meet you.  I have been reading your blog and I want to meet the couple who are helping at the Made in Roatan Shop"
I stood there rather dumbfounded (I know very out of character for me!!)
We had such a wonderful visit together!
I asked if they were going to see the island at all and she said no, they just wanted
to come and spend money in the shops to help the locals.
I told her that whatever they buy would be a blessing:
a meal, a drink, a bottled water from a pulperia, some souvenirs,
some artwork... 
it all helps~

They walked up and down the street shopping.
They came back into the shop several times,
met Pedro, met Bob, visited with us and each time
they bag was a little fuller and they'd have to go the cruise ship
to unload.
And.. they gave me a Canadian bag which I have to admit I gave to
Pedro to put all his jewelry making stuff in.
He loves it!!

So Cindy and Kevin, my wonderful new Canadian friends

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